A poster of Fun With Caution at Fiesta Resort

At Fiesta Resort & Vacation Club, safety of all is the most important thing.

We have therefore designed, implemented and will be permanently monitoring compliance with the new internal, basic and specialized protocols for guests, workers, visitors and suppliers.

Main measures and actions

An icon of capacity reduction at Fiesta Resort

Capacity Reduction

An icon of wash your hands with soap and water

Protocols of hand washing

An icon of covering mouth and nose when coughing at Fiesta

Sneezing Protocol

An icon of 6 feet of distance with public at Fiesta Resort

Social Distancing Protocol and Social Bubble concept

An icon of customer service protocols at Fiesta Resort

Guest Service Protocols

An icon of guest assistance protocols at Fiesta Resort

Guest Asistance Protocols

An icon of cleaning and disinfection at Fiesta Resort

Cleaning and disinfection of the areas

An icon of workplace health protocols at Fiesta Resort

Occupational health and staff cohabitation protocols

An icon of communication with customers and the suppliers

Logistics protocols and interaction with suppliers

A picture of suspected or confirmed cases at Fiesta Resort

Protocols for dealing with suspected or confirmed cases

Tools for best results

New technologies, equipment and specialized products for cleaning and disinfection (footwear disinfection mats, portable hand washing stations, gel and alcohol dispenser stations, ozone disinfection equipment for rooms and public areas, nebulizer equipment for disinfecting guest suitcases, day beds, public area furniture and supplier products, contactless dataphones, etc.

Purchase of new protective equipment for guests, staff and suppliers

Intensive training and evaluation of our staff in the knowledge and implementation of new protocols and standards, provided by specialized personnel and endorsed by the national authorities.

Advice and assistance from internal and specialized medical personnel accredited to the CCSS and permanently certified at the hotel in order to ensure compliance with all protocols (Heatlh team consists of Doctor, Nurse, First Aid personnel and Occupational Safety and Health Specialists).

And to ensure a high safety standard, we comply with all government and group regulations:

National Guidelines, Regulations, Strategy, Guidelines and Recommendations for the Surveillance of Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, 2020.

Protocols for Hosting Activities. Tourism Sector, Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels, Costa Rica National Chamber of Tourism and Costa Rica Tourism Board, 2020.

Enjoy Group Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Standards Manual, 2020

For further information, see below the main new general safety measures and hygiene protocols:

Special Prevention Plan: Approach to prevention, of all systems and processes, in order to guarantee greater safety to all our guests, staff and visitors.


Capacity reduction: The Hotel capacity is reduced, for accommodation, entertainment areas, kids and Teens, food and beverage areas and all the public and services of the property. This reduction will be applied according to official percentage figures, following government regulations, with specific separation of tables and chairs in restaurants, theater and others.


Pre-arrival information: Before the arrival we will contact the guest to inform them of all the implemented measures and how their stay will be. This information will be available and updated on our web www.fiestaresort.com.


New information system and internal signage in the hotel: To inform guests of new protocols, additional measures and the importance to respect social distancing.

Consultation and detailed information on our security measures and new protocols: Specialized staff for Guest and Partner Care, who can widely inform about new security measures and protocols.


Protective equipment and continuous training of our staff: Mandatory use and introduction of new personal protective equipment and continuous training of all our staff about hygiene and safety standards.


New cleaning and disinfection equipment: New cleaning and disinfection protocols created by Enjoy Group and adapted to the Fiesta Resort & Vacation Club, including new equipment and cleaning products during the stay for all areas, with emphasis on rooms, food and beverage areas, activities, Kids and Teens, swimming pools, pubic areas and others.


Luggage disinfection on arrival: Complete disinfection of the guest luggage will be done upon arrival at the hotel.


Introduction of Personal Health and Safety Kit: It will be available to purchase a prevention kit (face masks and disinfectant gel) for individual use by guest.


Room cleaning and Bed Linen Washing Procedures: We will guarantee hygiene and disinfection in all rooms, establishing a protocol where room cleaning service will only be provided at the guest’s request and during their absence, to ensure that external people do not enter the rooms and social distancing in enclosed spaces, as well as the washing and collection of bed linen on the guest’s departure, or changes requested during their stay of towels, sheets and others.


Elimination of printed material and reduction of non-essential items in rooms: The printed material is removed from the rooms and a digital directory of services is implemented, which will be reported in the check in. Printed material is maintained at the request of the guest. The amount of non-essential items in rooms is reduced to ensure greater security.


Hand dispensers and disinfection kit: We are placing hand sanitizer, apart from soap and gel for the washing protocol, based on alcohol and other certified sanitizer products, in public areas, front desk, bathrooms, elevators, restaurants, etc. Hand washing stations are added in new relevant external areas.


New implementations of Buffet service and restaurants: The buffet service will be offered optimizing the flow of people, with reduction of the self-service and implementation of measures that reduce the physical contact and manipulation of the products, increasing the live cooking stations and serving directly by our cooks and waiters, offering new adapted menus to the tastes and preferences of our guests.


Repetition of shows depending on occupancy levels: When the capacity of our theater is not enough for guests who want to enjoy the Fiesta Show, an additional one will be performed, setting new schedules for both shows. It will be informed depending on the operation of the hotel.


It is mandatory to wear face masks: in all areas of the hotel, except when consuming food and drinks or enjoying the pool, masks must cover mouth and nose.


Affidavit and certification of new protocols: All of our new processes are notified and approved by the Ministry of Health, through an affidavit from the hotel administration dated Saturday July 25th, 2020 and subject to government verification, guaranteeing hygiene standards, disinfection and quality of implementations.


Additional Measures: Other additional health and safety measures, not listed in this document, apply mainly to areas such as spa, Kids Club, Teenzone, Gym, among others.


We reserve the right to change policies and arrangements without notice.