Best Massage in Heliconia Spa at Fiesta Resort
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Heliconia Spa

The perfect complement in your vacations

Our Heliconia Spa has the ideal technique for your every need and our natural products will make for a unique relaxing experience.

Heliconia Spa offers you a private, ocean-front location with 3 double and 2 single bungalows where you’ll be surrounded by our tropical environment. Our revitalizing Jacuzzi and Sauna are exclusive for our customers. Enjoy healing infusions, healthy fruit juices and a setting entirely designed for your relaxation at Heliconia Spa. Heliconia Spa, a small piece of tropical paradise designed just for you.

Best massages in Heliconia Spa at Fiesta Resort


Heliconia Massage

Opal Aroma Massage

Calatheas Deep Massage

Sensory Massage

Sabai Pindas Massage

Bijagua Stone Massage

Prenatal Massage Musa

Massage Craniofacial Bird of Paradise

Tropical Massage

Leg´s Massage

Tulip Reflexology

Mixed body treatment in Heliconia Spa at Fiesta Resort


Mixed body treatment

Aloe Vera Body Wrap


A variety of facials in the Heliconia Spa at Fiesta Resort


Moisturizing Facial

Revitalizing Facial

Stem Cell Facial Restorer

Organic Mini-Facial

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