Human Enjoy Group poster used at Fiesta Resort

Human Program

Enjoy Group's social and sustainability awareness

It is our philosophy of comprehensive care for our guests, hosts, community and environment. We are a responsible company with genuine values ​​and a spirit of extraordinary hospitality. You can see our monthly magazine here

Purpose of the Program

Organize and integrate all concrete and measurable practices and initiatives in the different companies to ensure socially responsible conduct while actively contributing to the sustainable development of the community.

Our leaders: 

Fingerprint: We leave our mark and legacy in our company, in our department, in our family and community.

Union: Unity is strength, we encourage and practice teamwork, we are human, but we are also spiritual beings. We are nature lovers and we take care of it.

Motion: We are active and active with a moving, dynamic, innovative culture with an open mind to change.

Altruism: We are hospitable hosts with our guests, with each other and with our environment. We take care of our families, communities, we are people enhancers, we are humanitarians and with social sensitivity. We give the fishing rod and not just the fish.

Nobility: We are generous, transparent, responsible with ourselves and with others. We are consistent with our actions, loving, compassionate. We are supportive, we listen to others. We put ourselves in the shoes of others.